We are a small group of hotel specialists providing training, technology and project leadership in a style you cannot find anywhere else.

Our legendary working experience at the coal face of revenue management operations such as the Inter-Continental Hotels group means we offer practical advice that works instead of plain academic theory... read more 

Our approach places revenue management at the very center of your pricing decisions rather than relying on the seasonal demand model. Our proven track record shows an increase of between four and eight percent in turnover and it's all net profit...read more

Instant guests

Imagine the world's best marketing but the world's worst distribution channels...

This is the age of the Instant Confirmed Reservation and if a guest cannot make an instant booking they will move on. In addition to making revenue management the centre of your profit universe we specialise in all types of Distribution Technology and can show you which channels are the most profitable...read more

Guests and more guests

Imagine the world's best distribution channels but no guests trying to book through them...

We help shape your commercial strategy to attract and drive more potential guests to your hotel. By evaluating your marketing and sales plan we keep the guest pipeline full... read more

Plus we now offer a new Mystery Shopper Service. You will be surprised by what a fake reservation reveals about your hotels ability to convert an enquiry into a sale

Small and independent hotel needs

Traditionally associated with projects for larger hotel chains, we are increasingly being approached by Independent Hotels for insight to the revenue management techniques used by the big chains. Independents may not have the luxury of a dedicated revenue manager, leaving it up to the general or front office managers who already have to their hands full.

EzRMSTM is a practical tool for hotels wanting to experience the enormous advantages of revenue management as it does the entire task for you at a cost that makes it easily affordable.. .read more

If the thought of increasing your hotel's occupancy and maximising your rates excites you, call us now on  +44 (0) 20 7193 7018 or email  duncan.bramwell@revenue-performance.com.

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